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Steve Zahorian, Jr.

Steve Zahorian, Jr.

Financial Advisor

Back in December 2009, when my oldest son Tucker was 13 years old, he painted a wooden sign for my business (it hangs in my office today).  And on the back of the sign, he taped a piece of paper where he had typed out what I do, from his perspective.  This is what he said...

"My dad, Steve Zahorian, is in the financial services industry.  His job is to help people manage their money and pursue their goals.  He works with people of all ages and financial objectives.  My dad is great at his job because he is good with people and he likes to build relationships with clients."

That a boy!  Proud of that kid.  I do love what I do, and have had the privilege of doing for nearly 30 years.  I get to build relationships with clients of all ages, from different walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds.  It's people, and their stories, that interest me.  It's being able to come alongside people - individuals, families, business owners, retirees -  and bring clarity to their financial plan.  I've heard it said that when looking for a financial advisor look for someone who has the heart of a teacher.  Personally, the role of teacher is the role I value fulfilling with the clients we serve. I am grateful to be in a business that aligns with my desire to teach!

Speaking of gratitude, I am most grateful for my kids - Tucker, Dawson, and Sabrina.  Tucker is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University studying Exercise Science.  Dawson has spent the last three years attending high school and playing hockey in Michigan.  Sabrina is in middle school and loves dance!  When I'm not doing things with them or for them (that's what parents do, right?), I am probably at my CrossFit gym, walking my chocolate lab, doing something socially or serving through my local church, reading, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, dreaming about dusting off my private pilot's license, or otherwise seizing every opportunity to encourage someone.   

I was born in Ithaca, NY and have lived in Ft. Myers since I was eight years old.  I graduated from Ft. Myers High School then went on to earn a B.S. Finance degree from the University of Florida.  I love to travel, snow ski, spearfish, cycle, and hang out in the Florida Keys as often as possible.



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